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How to Verify a Professional's License in Elgin?

Ensuring that your professional possesses a valid license is necessary when hiring any individuals to handle projects for you in Elgin. Over 120 occupational and professional categories in Elgin are regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) through 46 different Boards and Committees. You can verify the registration status of the professional you intend to hire by visiting the IDFPR's license lookup portal. Elgin has extra requirements for particular professionals, particularly building-related contractors, who must register their license with the city's Community Development Department. You can verify city-required registrations by calling the Community Development Department at (847) 931-5920.

Additionally, Elgin also requires that you obtain a permit if your project will involve home improvement, electrical, plumbing work, or other similar construction-related work on residential, industrial, or commercial properties. You can obtain a permit from the Elgin Building and Development Services Division. If you have any inquiries you can call the Division at (847) 931-5920.

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Do Elgin Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood associations in Elgin do not issue permits or licenses to any businesses or residents within the city. These neighborhood associations are volunteer associations that work together with the city's government and other city departments, particularly the Elgin Department of Neighborhood Service, to advance programs and initiatives that would improve and strengthen the quality of life within their various neighborhoods and the city in general. On August 27th, 2021, an attempt by residents in Elgin to save the DC Cook building from demolition failed as members of the city council voted 5-4 against a plan that would have seen the city purchase the property and prevent the building from being demolished. Members of the city council that voted against the proposal, which was widely supported by residents, cited the high costs the city would have incurred for the building's maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, earlier in March 2021, the city council approved a zoning application to rezone a residential mansion that had been turned into a nursing home back to residential use. The new owners intend to convert the property into a home for their entire extended family.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Elgin?

The Consumer Protection Division of the Illinois Attorney General's Office is the agency that handles unfair consumer complaints in Elgin. You can file a complaint with the division if you have been the victim of deceptive practices, scams, or other unfair practices by a business or individual in Elgin using an online complaint form. Alternatively, you can file a complaint by completing a paper complaint form, which you should send along with any supporting documents to the Office of the Attorney General via mail at

  • Office of the Illinois Attorney General
  • Consumer Protection Bureau
  • 500 South Second Street
  • Springfield, IL 62701

Take note that the complaint process provided by the Attorney General's Office is an informal one and so the Office cannot compel a business to respond to your complaint or provide you with restitution. If a pattern of illegal practices is noted, legal action may be initiated on behalf of the state, but private legal representation or legal advice cannot be offered to you regarding your complaint. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution reached at the completion of the complaint process, you can file a civil suit against the business at a Kane County Courthouse. It is advisable that you contact a private attorney before filing your claim to get a better grasp of the options available to you. If you do not have your own personal attorney, you can get in touch with a private attorney by contacting the Illinois State Bar at (800) 252-8908. The Illinois State Bar's Find a Lawyer portal is also a useful tool to help you find capable lawyers within the state. If you cannot afford a paid attorney, you can contact pro bono lawyers using the legal aid referrals portal maintained by the Illinois Attorney General's Office.